Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Physio Update

I had physio again today. At the moment, and whilst my body is in a good space and not over-reacting too much I am having physio weekly. K is actually able to follow her treatment plan and we are working on the same problem two weeks in a row, which rarely happens. My body has usually reacted in some other way, in the past.

K seemed pleased with the tiny amount (from my perspective) of improvement to my medial rotation. I have got another exercise to do with hip alignment and hip flexion which I have had in the past. The right leg, although weaker is much better in alignment than the left, so I am going to do that leg first. In addition I have a standing exercise to do for the right leg to encourage it to find balance, and taking my weight over my toes and off my heels. The idea is to stay there for a split-second, just enough for the nervous system to register a response, and not enough time for me to fatigue. I can repeat this a few times.

My left medial calf reacted to mere touch in a very spectacular fashion, causing muscle spasms of magnitude. If K had persisted with this I think they would have been crazy spasms. This is the second time this has happened when my calves have been touched, it also happened in Pilates. K carried on working anyway, not sure how she felt about that because it was quite a strong reaction. I think my calf is so hyper-sensitive it won't even tolerate touch. K also continued to release the lateral aspect of my left leg - so tibia and quads in order to improve the knee tracking.

K also suggested that M worked with me in a hands-on manner in Pilates and not giving me audio-cues which I cannot always pick up. T has worked like this in ballet with me before and it was helpful.

In ballet, I hadn't asked T to work with me in any particular way, but she noticed my left ankle was not in a good way and was generally unstable. She was asking me to sense what was going on rather than looking at it, but this was difficult and again, wasn't entirely sure what the problem was about. I will need to feed this back to K next week at physio!

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