Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Physio Today

I had physio again today for the third week in a row and again K has been able to stick to a treatment plan without having to deviate because something else has cropped up! My medial rotation has improved some more and I actually noticed I had more space in my hips today when lengthening my legs in ballet tonight. All exercises are to be continued including a side-to-side hip transference taking the right arm above my head for stability and to stop my right arm over-working (I think!). I also need to think about my right arm generally which is overworking.

K did some work on my neck and upper thoracic because of having severe headaches after Pilates the other day. She said that it was not as bad as when we had last worked on it, and I agreed with that. Additionally I hardly had any spasms today during treatment which was particularly apt as K did work on my lower left calf - at achilles tendon level and the front of my shin. I actually coped with her doing it as well, which is a huge step forwards. All good news!

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