Tuesday, July 13, 2010

General Update

Over the past week and beyond I have become aware that my calves are no longer as "hard" as they were and they seem to hurt less and I have been having entirely "normal" training pain. I would say that this is a huge improvement. On palpation they are softer and less fibrous.

On Saturday, having done some ballet from home I had a brief interlude of sensing that my right hip was properly in its socket, it didn't last long, but if this starts to happen a bit more often I might start to recover sensation on the right hip.

The new physio exercise that K gave me last week is extremely challenging. I am finding it really hard to isolate contraction in my abdominals without engaging hip flexors, quads and diaphragm. I think it will be quite some time before I am sufficiently good at this.

Over the past week I have had considerable more energy since K worked on c2 (cervical spine) and now almost become manic. K said today that we would look to see how in future we can make my extreme highs and lows a little less extreme. She warned me today that she can foresee another fatigue coming and has asked me to take work easy (she is also my line manager!). K also worked on my knee, hip and gluteals. She worked at increasing my range of medial rotation in the hip and tried also to address ITB. This is still ongoing.

Ballet has been really good and I have been managing demie-point work much better with less fatigue.

Pilates - work ongoing!

Now the focus is to avoid extreme fatigue and to rest!

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