Saturday, July 17, 2010

Massive Breakthrough

Physically I seem to be making lots of really huge breakthroughs and the latest involves calves (again) and the fact I can get so much higher in the demie-pointe, and that in ballet yesterday I could manage copious chaine turns and turns from the corner where I would normally fatigue after one set! This felt really great and that I had made enormous progress. I had one of the best Pilates sessions I had had for long time. I worked with M and we did some of the usual hamstring/pelvic tilt work but we did a very gruelling gluteal exercise which was quite nasty, and then a lot of reformer work and I was allowed to "jump" on the reformer for the first time ever! Later in the session M made me stand on the reformer and bring the carriage in. This was  a standing exercise for adductors. I was really nervous about doing it and thought I would lose balance and fall off, but I managed it and really proud that I did it after all. I don't think M realised how much of a big deal this was for me in terms of confidence, but it felt really good and I was doing all sorts of things without constantly going into my hyperextended knees - apart from a deep adductor stretch at the end, where I did hang into my knees. M suggested a more supported stretch, so I will have to think that through a bit more.

Mentally I am still massively overworking and so perhaps some mental re-programming is now required. I think I have worked at such a pace because I have had to, but I think that I need to change this, and fast, because I am rapidly heading towards burnout at work. On Monday I need to have a meeting at work to discuss my working hours and my 'hour management'. I am a bit anxious about this and hope I am not about to be sacked or anything!

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