Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cycling and Left leg alignment

My left knee has been continuously clicking out of line again lately. Had I not been in hospital last week, I would have seen K who would have realigned my patella again in preparation for cycling in France. K is not here – and so I thought I have plenty of resources to try and solve the problem myself. Firstly I did some Bowen on the knee which has improved it and it is sticking less. Then, I thought, I have done an MSc in Dance Science which included a biomechanics and movement analysis component. Finally, I have done hours of Pilates not to mention reading numerous text books. It was time to pool my knowledge. I realised that my knee turns out and rotates when I am cycling. This is rather amusing for those from behind. The reason it does so relates to the large ROM I have and hypermobility from my hip. I there have spent a few days doing exercises again to strengthen my adductors and medial rotation, which have helped. Cycling is helping with my hamstrings and VM anyway. Finally, I have never been able to do a left hand signal, whilst cycling (same problem side). I realised this was because I was not using the core of my right side adequately, so I ensured I did lots of oblique and upper abdominal work. I also realised that slowing down when trying to signal was also not helping. I put all my work into operation, and hey-presto, I am managing left-hand signals. The knee is sore, but I am aware of how I can solve my problem. I will still ask K to look at it when I get back home.

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