Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Physio Update for Thursday 16 September

The past few weeks have been very difficult owing to flare up of endometriosis on top of my usual HMS symptoms. When I arrived for physio on 16th September I was not feeling very good at all. I had severe lower back and pelvic pain. My ITB was very tight and my knees were both very clicky and painful. Additionally my digestive system was a horrible mess owing to organ displacement caused by the endometriosis (visit my other blog for this) and my digestive system had also more or less ground to a halt owing to lack of room. As a result, I had gained 5kg in weight by the time I weighed myself on Sunday 12th and I was starting to feel poisoned.

I did tell K all about these other problems and she said she was aware that I was at a point were we both she and physio would have to help with preventing deterioation in me at this point owing to my present state mainly caused by the recent endometriosis flare up. I wasn't feeling very happy about anything because my back was in a lot of pain and I had already found doing ballet hard a few days prior owing to feeling like a beached whale. K didn't feel she could do too much because I was almost in a crisis state. She instead took (I suppose) a fairly safe option and treated my knees and tight ITB and did a little hip work and some neck work. Apparently my neck had also returned to some of its former spasm and protective patterning, as had my hip flexors. I felt rather depressed after physio - I suppose after all the work I do, it is very hard to be told we are not fire fighting me deteriating and that was not easy to hear. I felt disgusting in my own body and just gross.

Not too long after the session my legs felt better and my guts started to respond - e.g. I started to clear out. This was radical for about 24 hours - but when I went to my GP the next day to ask her what I should do in case my guts got any worse, I already felt there was an improvement.

Two days post-physio and my digestive system returned to a pre-endometriosis flare up state. How? Why? Surely this isn't in the remit of physiotherapy? I had done some Bowen also, but whatever happened, I stopped hanging on to everything, and by Monday I could use my abdominals again!

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