Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Physiotherapy and Digestion

I gave K an update on what had happened since the last physio, the outcome of which was that I had lost 5kg in a week. My ballet teacher had not believed me and said this was impossible, but I know very clearly what the scales had said and what they read 7 days later. K said that my skin looked different and my body in general. I felt "normal" in my body and in myself. I had not been trying to lose weight. My digestive system had just struggled owing to organ displacement. Whether physio had corrected this very subtly, we can never know or prove. It is rather fascinating if this was the case!

I told K that I had had another episode of calf cramp (where I screamed) in left calf, as is usual. I also reported ongoing muscle spasms in general and ongoing POTS symptoms with change of pulse rate and dizziness during exercise (pulse rate 'jumps'). I also had fatigue possibly owing to overuse in conducting very many biomechanical screenings of dancers last week. I had also come down with a cold (as had several of my colleagues, including K herself).

Today was a historic moment. K actually did some work on my calves - well, my right calf and I let her do this without flinching and without being in pain. This has taken 2.5 years - although my calves have suddenly become much better as of the last three months (apart from ongoing cramp). K also did work on my left sacrum and a tiny bit of neck work. I asked K about my leg length difference and she also attempted to do some work on the short right side to get the femur more anchored. I had been doing some work on my longer leg, but it hadn't been working thus far. I would be so excited if we could even out my leg difference - although not sure how realistic this is!

K also looked at my thoracic exercise and the range of movement I have now got in my thoracic spine and could see an improvement. I have a new exercise to do which involves shoulder circles leaning against the wall. We are now trying to knock out pectorals a bit and to improve my posture in that area where my shoulders are rounded and pulled forwards. K was impressed with my pelvic control on standing and in my attempts to now differentiate between the pelvic and thoracic area - e.g. control each area.

During treatment I had some hot flushes, pulse rate changes and palpitations owing to POTS symptoms and my calves felt strange and wired. After the session I had no appetite at all and struggled to eat half a sandwich at lunch time. I then went into an emergency low sugar situation and starving hunger. I ate a small banana before ballet, something I'd never normally do. After class I was starving. Looks like appetite is the latest thing to be affected in a long-line of other symptoms and problems. This just can't all be owing to "faulty connective tissue." K and I continue to research.

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