Friday, September 24, 2010

Post Physio + Muscle Spasms

I can now go into a "muscle spasm" attack just through lying flat on the floor or on a therapy couch, or in a Pilates studio, even in bed. The attacks seem to be particularly provoked through lying flat (supine) but I do get deep abdominal spasms on sitting (a bit like being punched deep in the belly). Nice. The only way to stop these attacks is to probably not get into these postures in the first place - but quite why they are happening at all remains a mystery. It is possible they are coming from my spinal hinge at T12/L1, but possibly initiated from neurotransmitter imbalance. The spasm attacks seem to be much stronger in response to any trauma that I have (or release). For example, when the bicycle landed on my left foot (previously sprained and injured), my body went into attack the next day and I could not manage Pilates because I was having spasm, pain in my pelvis, back, hips - and then my upper body muscles were "shaking" because they were too fatigued to work properly. It was a nightmare and I had to resort to curtailing my session. I felt "out of my body" and was having vascular changes including feeling extremely cold. As I type now, one of my hands is as warm as toast, whilst the other is like a block of ice. Why? What is going on that is causing such things to occur?

K gave me a triage physiotherapy at lunchtime. She confirmed my foot was just bruised. Why I felt it could be fractured is interesting, but the pain was "out of proportion" to the level of trauma that I suffered. I had pain all night and it felt like it was vibrating for ages. This was after several glasses of wine and then ice, arnica , NSAIDS and Bowen to reduce the trauma. K then did some work on my neck to try and stop the spasms, but in the end I just moved positions because they weren't going to stop then. I opted for sitting up and K then did some work on my lower back. I still felt deep pelvic pain - but possibly K calmed me down - or she did nothing much at all and what she told me also calmed my system down. I wonder how much influence K has over me in the sessions, but she was doing stuff and something changed.By the evening I was very tired and actually slept very well indeed, which rarely happens.

This morning I woke up at 9am!! Fortunately I wasn't working - my mobile phone woke me up and I pretended I was quite awake to the person I was speaking to (at one of my clinics). I have been very productive at work today, although not for my book at all, which is a little bit worrying - anyway, I am either bonkers or raving mad, or something neurochemically is majorly upsetting my little system and causing the continuous systemic chaos. IBS is also linked to neurotransmitter dysfunction.

My arms are really hurting, so I will have to stop here anyway. In my next physio session we are going to record my pulse rate, HR, and then record the session, which will be interesting.

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