Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spasms + Fatigue

There are three certainties in life: birth, taxation and death. There are certainties in HMS: Prolonged muscle spasms + vascular reactions = Fatigue. Last night I was lying on my tummy watching the TV and just spasming away in that position.  This is more unusual. I decided to do some Bowen work whilst I was there, but after 40 minutes of it and some kind of trauma release (which I will need to discuss with  NH ) I put in two more Bowen moves, rolled over, and called it a night. One thing I think K would find useful to know is that when I am getting these spasm attacks I am feeling a charge in my whole body, perhaps like an electrical current. It goes up my trunk and down my arms, legs a little less effected (although they can be). I feel "wired" It is a like pulse and makes my muscles fatigued, and then me. I had a bath as it was 9.40pm by this time, and went to bed. I felt exhausted. I got to sleep straight away, and then I believe for about 2 hours was in this sort of 'semi-sleep' state where I was dreaming I was asleep - a bit like having had a pre-med injection. I then slept very well again (2nd night in a row), but it was a struggle and a half to get up, and my arms hurt like mad and making flapjack for my breakfast nearly killed me. I now have to get myself together to go to work. I have so much writing to do, but I am going to find it hard today because my arms are so fatigued. Also have severe brain fog just for good measure and a headache. Anyway, it is a beautifully sunny morning, and I will do my best  today, because that is all I can do!

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