Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hospital Update

I was seen for a very thorough review at a leading Rheumatologist in central London. These are the main summary points:
bullet point:
  • Sleep/Fibromyalgia - writing to GP to put me on Amitripytline again starting at a low-dose. Getting sleep sorted is crucial. She wants me off Diazepam.
  • Bladder - urodynamic assessment of my bladder to see what they find as this pre-dates endo, but is getting worse.
  • POTS - referral to another doctor
  • Heart - referral for an echocardiogram given family history 
  • Feet - referral to podiatrist - said I had slightly flat feet. Not something I was particularly aware of, but will see what they say.
  • Neurologist - I am being referred re the "things" going on in my spine. She said she had never seen that ever before. She said they weren't muscle spasms as such, but thought this should be investigated further as they have been going on for sometime and have become worse over time.

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