Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ballet was fantastic tonight!

I thought it was absolutely high time that we had a postive posting on here given the doom and glooom of recent weeks. Ballet was wonderful both tonight and last night. T has noticed a real improvement in me with some moves and generally much better control of my centre and not letting my ribs pop-out. I asked her to look at my spinal extensions - and unfortunately she wants them smaller (i.e. not going into my hinge) which I should have expected. It is hard because thoracic is still limited and ribs tight there. It is not the ROM that I want. The right anterior chest is still in severe pain - but I am seeing K about this on Thursday. Anyway, really good to have had two such lovely ballet classes and this has really lifted me at a very difficult time.

I remembered my sequences, things flowed well and I was doing some nice work. This evening I even managed 'travelling pirouettes' from the corner and some allegro.

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