Saturday, October 9, 2010


I had a Reiki session today, which was a very interesting and peaceful experience. I entered a room with a lightly scented candle and couch with a beautiful cover. I was asked to lie down and ensure I was comfortable. Owing to my “spinal spasms” I felt it would be best that I rested my legs on some pillows to prevent any “kick-offs”. My Reiki practitioner covered me with a blanket (at my request) and then took me through some gentle relaxation and breathing before she then used a pendulum to gauge areas where there may be some energetic imbalances. I had my eyes shut and was in a relaxed state whilst this was going on, and listening to some meditative music.

After a while N placed her hands under my head and left them there for some time, gradually moving her hands to be around my face, my neck, chest, solar plexus area, lower abdomen, pelvis, knees and finally ankles and feet. This was all very gradual and took about 30 minutes. I straight away felt that my head “shut-up” when N had her hands under my head , my breathing slowed and I felt calmer. However, interestingly, when she got to the diaphragm, I felt more anxious again and my breathing and pulse-rate rose. I also had ‘sensations’ when N’s hands were on my abdomen and pelvis, but felt much more relaxed when her hands were on my knees , ankles and feet. Although I never completely drifted off to sleep, I was certainly feeling deeply peaceful and relaxed by the time N had finished and she then told me she had finished.

Afterwards N and I discussed the session. N said that she found my head to be very calm and peaceful , and that from the knees down I was very grounded, but that all my troubles and energy were very different in the solar plexus and abdominal/pelvic area which tallied with my various physical traumas in that area. She believes that I hold a lot of my worries in that area but had been able to move some of the trapped energy there. I talked about how unstable and insecure things had felt for me lately what with the uncertainty surrounding my job and the stress of taking this new post on (from June). It might be that in a few days time my physical body is catching up from the stress and trauma of the job anxieties, endo pain and the residue of the ridiculous bike incident of the other week. My chest is still hurting like hell, but perhaps again needs more time.....

The session was highly enjoyable and would be an excellent treatment complementary therapy for any HMS patient owing to the relaxation and energetic properties of the treatment. It would certainly help with anxiety and most probably pain levels.

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