Saturday, October 23, 2010

Physio Update

Things have finally settled a lot over the past week. K had done some work on my eye spasms which has improved them and the left eye is now 'twitching' less frequently and strongly. Upper trapezius and neck are also better and right lower limb. Left limb remains a problem with continuous knee clicking and still a highly sensitive calf - but I am now allowing K to work in the area which is a huge step forwards. Upper right pectorals are still very tight, but again are improved. If I had not had an endo-related pain flare up last weekend, it would have been a very good week indeed.

I am still doing ballet in the centre when I go, but am starting to lose some core-strength owing to stopping regular Pilates sessions. I am stiffening up also as I don't do enough stretching - even hypermobile people need to stretch. K has given me another new and vile exercise for upper thoracic which involves imaging more than doing, but it is bad enough keeping my shoulders and neck immobile. I don't think she will be giving me anything more exciting until I am doing that properly!

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