Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Physio Update

I had physio yesterday and had to report to enduring a huge fatigue and "Fibromyalgic" pain and fog all day on Monday and was virtually bed-ridden for the most of the day.

As K said, subjectively things are quite poor, whereas objectively, when she observed my hamstring exercise which I can now manage prone, things are really good, despite the spasms.

K and I agreed that the new movement patterning which includes me "switching off" muscles at the end of each rep has probably contributed to the fatigue as it is a new way of working. She also said that "I am also having to do some work" which is another reason my body has fatigued. Anyway after one day in bed, I was as right as rain again and K continued to do work on eliminating my eye spasm and work on the illiacus in an attempt to relieve pressure from the sacral area and sciatic nerve which affects calf. We want to take the pressure of the calves still. The difference is now 2.5cm between calves with the left remaining the biggest.

K didn't feel I needed more exercises and in any case I had increased the reps over the week.

I did ballet and did a lot of allegro - and had really high elevation in the 2-2 foot work I did more allegro than I had for a while, LA was teaching. It felt good to manage that much, but after three exercises stopped. Later on I did some stretching as I feel that despite the strength work I am not doing enough flexibility work - e.g. hardly ever!

I reiterated to K about how much I liked doing my exercises and that this put me in control of the situation and what I could do to help myself. She thought this was a very important factor to include in my book on hypermobility.

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