Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Physiolates - Session 1

I am now doing physio with K and what I have coined as 'Physiolates' which may yet catch on and is a made up term really for a session of physiotherapy exercises with a Pilates slant. I have got some old exercises 're-visited' for example the good old clam for gluteals - and adductor exercises and hamstrings, so my new plan is as follows:
  • Gluteals - going for quality and before I start to spasm too much
  • Clams - going for quality and control
  • Adductors - starting for 1 or 2 and aiming for quality, especially at the end of the movement and on descent and before I give up!
  • Sitting - just practising sitting up but not into extension and allowing lower back to support me in extension. Initially I just do this for a minute or until fatigue sets in. My temptation thus far is to collapse into flexion and I am not sitting on my sitz-bones.
  • Hamstrings - standing curls against wall, going for quality and completing the movement before spasms kick in
  • Pelvic tilt on a block with leg raised - only 1 or 2 to the right where right abdominal is strong, but as many as can cope with on the left to allow for a training effect
  • Thoracic spine flexion keeping shoulders out of the equation and aiming for greater control on the ascent, which is far more difficult for me at the moment. 
The session was interesting because K and I know that these movements are being done with far greater control than when I was given them 1-2 years ago. I had realised that left was weaker in abs and this now needs strengthing in order to allow the left calf to finally release. 

The work made me spasm a lot and my left leg especially felt weak and very strange at the end of the session and it now feels (several hours later) like there is a change of balance and power in my legs and that my right leg is doing more. I can suddenly feel might right hamstrings and my right calf is fatigued - but the right leg is actually doing something!!!!! I really need this to happen so the left leg gets relaxed and gets a break.

Further updates soon - but all exciting stuff!

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