Monday, November 1, 2010

Retaining strength

Having attended the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science IADMS conference and spending time with the physiotherapists at the Hypermobility day, I realised with somewhat depression that I am always, always going to have to keep doing strengthening exercises. Owing to the faulty genetic collagens I have inherited, which will keep being generated incorrectly, I will have to keep doing strength work to control my ligamentous laxity. The physiotherapists who observed me were I think, rather shocked, about how much effort it takes me just to transfer my weight from one leg to the other - IF I am doing it properly. It takes such a huge effort and an enormous amount of muscular recruitment, which is of course where all the fatigue links into this condition. I had already said to K that I was beginning to deteriorate - but I realise that the reason is that I am fighting a continuous battle and it is so difficult to retain endurance and therefore endurance muscles.  This situation hasn't been helped by me stopping Pilates studio sessions (owing to radical price increase). I am starting to do a weekly 1-2-1 exercise session with K this week in addition to Pilates, but am evidently going to need to start doing exercises from home, and missing ballet owing to pain is no good either! Finally, my Rheumatology report came through and again the doctor reiterated the need to continue exercising to maintain the strength I need to support the large range of movement that I have.

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