Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Physio Update

Things are going very well in physiotherapy at the moment and I managed to not spasm too much during the session; only doing work on my TMJ and SCM provoked that, and me going cross-eyed for a brief time!

K was very pleased with the progress of the exercises I was given at Physiolattes 2 weeks ago. I do have some new ones and will probably shed some of the others:

New Exercises

  • ·         Sitting, rocking pelvis from side to side (3 reps to start, before fatigue hits)
  • ·         Squats in parallel with thumbs in spine L4/5 to ensure right side “fires”
  • ·         Rises in parallel, leaning on wall with thumbs in spine L4/5 to ensure right side “fires”
  • ·         Stepping forwards with hands on back – to make sure right side is firing
  • ·         Cat exercise, watching elbows or thoracic and eventually both.
  • ·         Adductors – keep going – especially left leg
  • ·         Hamstrings – ongoing, especially left leg for alignment.

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