Saturday, November 27, 2010

Physio and Exercise Update and Feeling Stiff!

K has been doing a lot of work on my left hip on iliacus and continuing to work on the neural pathways that will be effecting the calf. When K had finished this work I had improved range of movement on "pelvic rocking" to the left. K also palpated the pelvic area at my request to palpably assess differences between the left and right illiac fossa area. K was able to confirm that the left side had less muscle tone. She also worked on psoas and then did some work on my back. With the extreme differences in the results of my pelvic scans for endometriosis, I decided I wanted  K to do some work in the area to see if we could work out if there might be any other reasons for me getting pelvic pain. We will have to see how I respond to this - and awaiting another gynae appt in early December.

K had a look at my other exercises and the cat one is better because I am not going so much into my hyperextended elbows, but she still wants further articulation in the thoracic. On thoracic roll down, I managed proper cervical flexion for the first time - which was a breakthrough. However, I am still finding it hard to come up into full extension and weakness in my upper abdominals is now highlighted. As a result I have a new exercise - or one I have before which I hated before - standing against the wall, flattening my spine and raising my arms. However, it does need to be re-attempted.

K was pleased with my stepping forwards exercises and "rises" and in squats, I need to now further lift up out of the hips, which is difficult for me. We ran out of time to assess adductors, and hamstring curls have not been happening as a result of spasm and fascial pull which prevents me doing this exercise. I have agreed to try this again on standing if lying prone is too challenging. I am not giving up!

On another note, because my oestrogen has been doubled owing to bone density loss, I am feeling increasingly stiff which is impairing my muscle function to an extent and meaning I cheat to get to my full range of movment, so I will go anywhere - e.g. to my hinge of my spine, just to get somewhere! This is not a good outcome and might mean I need to return to the usual dose.

"Feeling stiff"

Feeling stiff(!)

Feeling stiff (2)

Going into my hinge
Feeling stiff!

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