Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Amazing news then Feeling awful and then resolved again...!

Amazing News
Following 30 years of not sleeping through the night partly owing to needing to wake up to use the bathroom, I had 3 nights in a row of sleeping right through the night. I have had no concept of sleeping 8 hours since I was a young child!!! How or why this is now happening is not yet been determined, but my physiotherapist has had an input - we are not sure how or why. K has been working on my Autonomic Nervous System which is responsible for things like heart and pulse rate and bladder. The next thing that happened was less good...

Vascular Incident and Muscle Spasm/Headache
On Friday evening I had (just the one) glass of wine and had a bit of a headache after it. I came home and had some supper and then had a bath after which I felt the need to do some spinal roll-downs to relieve my stiff neck and shoulders. Almost straight away I started to suffer from tachycardia (fast heart rate) and Postural Orthostatic Hypotension symptoms (POTS). This lasted well over two hours and was only marginally resolved by sleeping on several high pillows.

The next morning I still had my headache and this did not respond to NSAIDS or parcetamol. I was meeting friends for lunch and felt quite nauseous. I had the lunch and went home and felt OK for a while and then by late evening the headache got much worse (I do drink plenty of water, regularly). On Sunday morning I still had the headache and was getting my hair cut, which meant more neck/head strain. The muscles in my neck and head felt so tight and into my thoracic spine, I started to feel rather subdued and miserable. I had not slept well for a few nights. Sunday night was terrible and I couldn't sleep. I took some codeine and was waking every 2 hours to use the bathroom. By morning I felt incredibly nauseous and in more pain. I texted the lovely K to see if there was any way she could treat me on Monday at work. I was in luck. K could see and palpate that my neck was very hypermobile again and the muscles were not working properly. Everything felt very tight and constricted. She asked me again to attempt to do the thoracic spinal roll down. I said, just like a child, "that I would not do it!" probably because it was too painful. However, within hours of K treating me I felt much better and did attempt the roll-down and most of my other physio exercises. I did ballet class and that all went well.

Next Day
According to K I look completely different again today and I feel really good. I have lots of energy and I did sleep well last night, waking only once. I had taken Diazepam to calm down the intense muscle tightness, but I don't think that was the main reason for sleeping better or for indeed feeling better. I feel calmer again today and very clear-headed. I don't know precisely what K is doing but it is having a holistic and widespread and multisystemic effect on me. We have to start to look at how and why that is the case. Of note, was how calm I was in ballet last night, which is rarely the case!

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