Monday, January 3, 2011

Further Breakthroughs

Further to my initial breakthrough - documented on 1st January (3rd of 3 postings) - I can report to finally walking completely upright and in extension and realising that my legs work independently of my hips. This meant that they felt freer and that my hips/pelvis which had been in pain on 1st January, felt lighter and that my abs were working. I felt taller and more upright - well, in extension! My head, which had previously been in flexion was also in extension, I had much better energy and speed in motion. Indeed, I almost felt tempted to run, but there is an expression - 'walk before you can run.' K now needs to see me walking, but there might not be so much work to do on it and I might be able to keep up with her (we'll test that theory in a park).

So, reflectively - how or why has this sudden transformation come about? I believe that it relates to several of the recent physiolattes exercises I have been given. The Wall exercise, which I hated so much several months ago has very suddenly become easy. I believe that continuing to strengthen abdominals has been important. Working at my hip exercise and strengthening psoas have been crucial, and finally, upper back and neck work have all been very important  - especially the spinal extension work I was doing before my neck became injured, but also the very recent trapezius work. Exercises on hamstrings have also played an important part in pulling me upright. Psychologically coming out of flexion feels wonderful as I feel more energetic, positive and confident. I still have some pain in hip flexors and in neck flexion, but these areas still need some work.

It seems to follow that after a period of great difficulty, pain and turbulance I am rewarded with a massive breakthrough in function and wellbeing. December 2010 was a very difficult, painful and traumatic month. It was rather lovely to start January 2011 on such a postive note. The other thing that strikes me is that the worse things are for me (pain, chaos) etc, the more I need support from K and physiotherapy, however, ironically, it seems that sometimes we need to step back and allow the body space to process. K has mentioned this before (in fact, 12 months ago, following a large vascular reaction in physio). However, I find that very difficult because that is when I need the most support. When I see K this week (unless anything negative happens before Wednesday!) - I will "need" her less than normal - because I am in a better space. From a therapist point of view, that is of course very positive, from a patient point of view it feels more strange. Anyway, when I have breakthroughs like this I am reclaiming my independence of K - which means I am probably a less "needy" patient, which also feels good.

One another note - 2nd complete day without the neck collar! Eye spasms have resumed though.... Oh well - I can't have it all (K would probably say, "why not?!!!")

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