Sunday, February 6, 2011

Latest Exercise List

  • Jiggling - (fast twisting around pelvis with arms by side) keeping knees together and avoiding movement in legs. Now also exploring the movement with arms above head
  • Rocking - seating swinging from side to side (for obliques)
  • Traps - elevating and depressing scapula on either seated or standing - 7 reps each side
  • Lower traps - squeeze centrally - or engaging arms in ballet second position (of arms)
  • Traps - exercise involving the theraband
  • Traps on lying prone with use of overball - 7 repts
  • Shoulder stretches on lying prone
  • Wall exercise - further deep engagement of abdominals
  • Serratus Anterior - arms in u-shape on the wall and holding SA maximally
  • Plies in first with right arm high
  • Plies in fourth and fifth with left foot devant and right arm high
  • Hoola-hooping - with more to the left for training effect
  • Hip flexor stretch
  • Hip flexor deep abdominal and psoas contraction (5 x) each side
  • Pelvic tilt with other leg on knee - more to left for weaker left abdominals
  • Abdominal curl-ups with one leg flat. More to left for training effect
  • Neck exercises - in and exhalation on engagement of deep neck muscles
  • Neck exercises - resistance against hand pressure to left and right and up and down
  • Neck exercise - head nodding
  • Hamstring - fast kicks
  • Hamstring - stretches
  • Adductors - 6+ reps each side
  • Rises - for calves -in parallel

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