Thursday, February 17, 2011

Podiatry Appt and Physio Review

Yesterday I was seen by a podiatrist (at the request of my consultant Rheumatologist who thought I had flat feet!). The podiatrist could confirm I did not only not have flat feet, but that I had very good core stability and control for a hypermobile patient. She did not feel I need any orthotics or had any major concerns about my leg-length difference and that any issues relating to that and my posture are being dealt with in physiotherapy. The podiatrist did say that my Achillies tendons are tight and gave me some examples of stretches I could do. She also said that my right big toe was a little restricted - but again that physiotherapy could address this as we got on to completing the calf rehabiliation work.

The podiatrists appeared to be very interested in what I had managed to achieve in terms of working on my stability and control as a hypermobile and were interested in my book which will be published in August. I have agreed to keep them posted about when the book comes out. The podiatrists were also interested in this blog and also interested in the work I do at Laban Health with dancers. It was an interesting appointment, although I felt I had wasted their time in terms of my feet!

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