Thursday, February 17, 2011

Physiotherapy Update

I was able to report to K that I was now managing all my exercises successfully and that I had much greater postural endurance and control in sitting up. I said how I had reflected back on what I was given in November time and how much I had progressed since then. The visit to the Podiatrist had been very positive for me in reinforcing how well I am actually doing. This was good for my own self-confidence and rewarding in what I have managed to achieve.

K said I could leave some of my exercises for now that had served their purpose, but gave me some new things after looking at me walking. She has given me forward leg lunges and ones going backwards. I also need to sort of walk like a soldier in raising hips but keeping the movement going. K requested that I see the video footage the MSc student did of me walking - or did some more very soon before we intervene with walking too much and so we can see a 'before and after.'

K hasn't given me any upper abs exercises as these will follow in due course - but looking at walking and getting me moving is now an issue and then I suppose other things will follow -e.g. increased activity and then maybe further weight loss!

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