Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New movement re-pattering causes chaos

K asking me to start looking at walking in a different way - e.g. in doing a new hip exercise for walking and the backwards lunge/steps had caused me to go into a muscle spasm chaos with my sacral, lumbar spine and lower thoracic being in complete grid-lock. Additionally I have suffered extreme fatigue and then fibromyalgic nodules of pain all over thoracic spine, knee and elsewhere. The pain was terrible and only Diazepam and Codeine come anywhere near relieving the pain. I was unable to do my physiotherapy exercises, ballet caused immense pain the only day I did it.

K did realise what was going on and said I had gone into spasm and did some work to release it. She also noticed that there was puffiness and minor swelling in my medial ankle. She actually palpated my calf for the first time. It was very  hard for me, but the earth did not open up and I did cope. This has taken three years!!!! Big deal - and huge trust on my part.

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