Saturday, April 2, 2011

Improvements of Function

A few changes of measure as a result of my physio treatments with K and continuing physiotherapy exercises:
Note to K:

Date                 L Calf               R Calf
25.1.11             42cm               39.4cm
31.3.11             41.8cm            39.8cm

I think when I originally "presented" for physiotherapy in April 2008 there was a 3cm difference in calf girth. I am not entirely sure how much we can rely on my earlier blog measurements - but certainly the left leg would have been 42-3cm and left 38-9cm. I think if I could get the right to 40.5 and the left down to 41.2 that would be really good. It might be possible to equalise them if I can really use that right leg more. The right toe work on 31.3.11 has really helped and I have more ROM and better sensation - I am still aware of stiffness, but it is the first time you have ever worked on it. I have continued to work on using the new ROM and calf "pulses" on that leg.

Psychology of Injury
I realised after a ballet class on Saturday (2 April) it was the first time I had got on with a class and not worried or even thought about my calves and just got on and did the class - even during allegro (which is basic). This was a "big first" for me because I have continued to have a remaining anxiety about those calves - so this is a big step forwards and should help with the remaining problems I have with them.

Lung Capacity
This has recently increased to 525 on a Peakflow capacity from 500. This puts my peak flow well above average (450) for a 36 year old female on the Wright Peak Flow Scale. I am now well off that scale. I put this down to increased rib movement as I have been continuing to do the "jiggling" exercise that K gave me. A good lung capacity is a very good asset for a woodwind player. What I now need to work on is my cardiovascular fitness as that is very poor.

Bladder Function
This has also improved and I have not needed to use the bathroom at night. This has happened a few times randomly, but if it could happen more often, this would be a huge improvement. Bladder feels much "stronger" and less irritable.

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