Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sleep and Bladder Improvements

I have now had three nights in a row of continuous, uninterrupted (by bladder) sleep. In very recent months I had started to have a few odd nights of sleeping through the night, but this is the best it has got so far. I have not slept through since I was a very young child. It feels amazing! I am so much calmer and relaxed - but yet I am still tired, so I suspect that I am still in a sleep deficit after three nights. My life will be transformed if I can sleep right the way through the night most of the time. I am not totally unrealistic. Most normal people have the odd bad night of sleep and are woken by worry, busy head (perhaps bladder after heavy drinking session). It seems that physiotherapy has really made the difference in stopping the nocturia - but quite why I am now sleeping through is still a mystery. I have been on some diazepam, but last night I didn't take it at all, and still slept through. When I have been like this for more than a week I think the pattern might have been corrected and I am sleeping. It will make such a difference to my quality of life, my energy, brain function and pain.

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