Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sense & Sensibility

Following my recent "crisis" which was probably linked to going into a very high develope derriere on Monday, which had caused a huge neural pull, I now have to think a bit more about the sensibility of continuing to try these things. K says I behave like a naughty child (which she says with a smile) and I know this to be true - I am highly competitive both within myself and others. My mother said I have always been like it - 'if an aim was to be a nurse, I'd want to be a doctor.' There is no doubt that I like doing high extensions, but in seconde my hips do not look very good, and so if my end goal is to have extensions to die for, I have to sort out the intermediate stage as well and ensure really good control at about 90 degrees, which I presently lack. It is what I want, even though as K points out, I am not going to be a swan, but if that is the case then we have to get me so good and resolve all my remaining "cheating movement patterns" and continue building my strength so I can then use my full ROM and go into extensions not only looking good, but executing correct movement patterns and control. Since I really do want this, but also want to be dancing for many years to come, I will have to comply with K's wishes (she says, reluctantly) and my ballet teachers will undoubtedly be pleased if I reduce my ROM to something more controllable and technically more accurate. Why, then, am I so frustrated?? More physio work to come I think!

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