Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ITB causing knee pain misery

K has been treating me for several weeks in a row for (left) lateral knee pain - much of it is to do with my ITB pulling my knee laterally. Today it had become very painful on walking and I decided that I would still try and do a ballet class mainly because actually my hips (and knees) prefer later rotation to being in neutral or parallel. Today for the first time in ages I had to stop dancing after barre work because my knee was so painful. It felt terrible to be on the sideline with an injury, and really depressing. I had forgotten how bad that felt. I am concerned about my knee pain, not because it is a particularly sinister pain, but because I am cycling on holiday in just ten days time and my knee will not tolerate this very well. I had hoped this would all be long gone by now. Anyway, I hope K is able to do something about this, because I am limping about and getting fed up of it being such a nuisance!

K gave me some new exercises for trunk and hip - but in so helping hip should eventually help knee. Since being given the new exercises my hip stability has definitely improved again and when I am walking, my hips are not feeling all boggy - but perhaps the walking "properly" and in parallel is really upsetting my knee as that is not my neutral alignment. Either way, I hope K can resolve this because it is impeding other very good progress on a myriad of fronts including sleep and bladder!

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