Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Physio Update and more calf work

I had physio yesterday and had arrived in quite an anxious state which I partially attribute to minor Autonomic Nervous System disruption (POTS), but also an element of fear because the calf work is so very difficult for me to cope with. In fact K and I spent about 1/3 of my hour session talking which was important because some of the fear relates to events from my past, as well as related to touch. We have both agreed that it is important to keep on going forwards (which is what I want) and we can work through the back legacy of issues, which is what we have had to do all along, and why I have been so complicated to work with. K and I have built up a very good rapport and much trust has been gained which is why she has been more successful in her work with me than anyone else. I have learned a lot about this in my own clinical work and how crucial trust is and being positive and encouraging with patients.

K was able to do a lot of anterior tibia/fibula work on my left leg and also release peroneals and flexor halux longus which was very tight. K agreed with me about doing very minimal or no jumping at the moment in ballet whilst I am in this period of transition. She commended me for my sensibility and rationality in recognising instinctively that jumping should perhaps be avoided. However, when it came to the crunch last night at ballet, and a different teacher, I did jump - but took it very easy, actually using less effort, so perhaps less tension, and so no harm done. I was a little more anxious of doing jetes, but again, just used less effort. K had released something where she said I would have been fixing in my foot and ankle (pseudo support) so perhaps I felt more liberated. I think I use too much tension anyway which is maybe why my calfs and achillies and soleus feel locked up. Demi-pointe work was OK - although there was one nasty moment - but my alignment looked much better on the left, and I need to keep my weight forwards and keep working on the new range of movement that K has given me.

I slept very well last night, going to bed at 10.10pm and not needing the bathroom until 7am. I then went back to sleep again and got up at around 9am. K's work has really improved my quality of life in terms of sleep and bladder control. I am looking forward to my digestive system improving after necessary hospital treatment, as I am in a lot of pain today, also adductors and lumbar spine sore. I am much calmer again today.


Achelois said...

I am sorry you are in a lot of pain today. Calmer is good. My daughter who also has Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility Type (formerly Type III) is due to be seen in London again mid August. I am double crossing my fingers that they will have some suggestions as to the cause of terrible digestive issues she is having at present. I don't remember I am afraid if you have blogged about your digestive problems necessitating hospital treatment or whether you prefer to retain your privacy in that respect, I just hope the treatment helps you.

I admire your tenacity in your continued perserverance to dance. At 47 years old now, unfortunately my dancing days no matter how much I loved to many years ago are over. Severe osteoporosis (early onset yet another cruel aspect of EDS) means jumping is a little out of the question. I still have my imagination though and can dance forever there. Most of the ballet terminology I don't understand I am afraid as despite begging my parents for lessons they didn't oblige. As a child I would stay with friends, the entire family were ballerina's, a large family. Some of the children were at the Royal Ballet School? Anyway, the important one in London. So naive way back then I used to think it was run by the Queen! Anyway they had an entire room full of tutu's, ballet shoes. Beautiful beautiful, costumes. There house was full of tapestries and cushions, laughter and music and everyone ate homemade museli for breakfast. They had a proper room in their house, with mirrors and a barre etc. I would pretend that I was part of the family when staying. They said I was a natural. Despite my amateur attempts to copy even the youngests moves! These days I don't doubt my severe bendiness would mean I would be denied admission to ballet school from the onset as I believe they look out for it these days. As you can see I spent a lot of time as a child, pretending.

Not entirely sure why I shared that snippet of my childhood with you. Perhaps its all the talk of ballet.

You are very lucky to have such a brilliant physiotherapist. Many with EDS do not have that experience. I have have good, bad and perplexed! Two though, I will always remember for their patience, kindness and willingness to learn about a condition which I think for a lot of physiotherapists is a challenge. To have access to a physio like yours is a luxury indeed.

Perhaps there is something in the air, as I have been calm today also.

Isobel said...

Thank you for your comments.

I am truly lucky with my physiotherapist as she is very special.

So you knew about the Royal Ballet School and also had potential ballet aspirations! I have never danced professionally, but have reached a good standard. Ballet is very demanding, and K wants me do do some other things -e.g. cycling - which I must blog another time.

The digestive stuff - yes, I haven't yet documented this, but I have to have a colonoscopy and then a repair job (fissure). I might document a bit of it, but it is all HMS related. Had a terrible day/night, and now feeling fatigued. Glad you are calmer...!!


Achelois said...

I am so sorry about your digestive issues. I have a first cousin, recently diagnosed with EDS, two weeks older than I. Who has had dreadful digestive problems, similar to that which you describe, and more, which had she had her EDS diagnosis I am sure some of which, may have been avoided. Hers is a complex and sad case as a result.

I'm so sorry you had a bad time. If you do decide to document any of the digestive stuff, I am sure it would help others with EDS. Although I totally understand if you prefer to keep all that private. Its a sensitive subjec.

My sister has had fissure(s) and related problems, so I understand how distressing some of symptoms can be.

Am off to read your next post on swimming!

Take care