Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just been swimming!!

I have just been swimming for the first time since pre-K, not long after I started this blog in March 2008. I really have come along way since then. Although I am still lacking in confidence in the water and still need floats, the session highlighted a few things:
  • Cardiovascular fitness is still very poor and overall endurance. I fatigued after 6 laps of 10 metres. I kept on doing laps of six throughout the hour I was there, and by the end of the hour probably managed 8-10 laps with one rather than two floats!
  • My left-sided weakness was exposed in the water with the right side being more dominant and wanting to pull me over to the right. I got around this by stopping kicking with the right leg from time to time.
  • Weakness in the upper body - I did some work with foam weights pushing into the water, starting from my arms out to the side at 90 degrees. 
  • I tried some one sided float work, but freaked out when trying with the left arm working
  • I did some walking in the water and feel my trunk is now working really well
  • Overall my abs and trunk are working well in swimming, and the only thing stopping me swimming unaided is me!
  • I did some floating and a little bit of going underwater and it is just a matter of confidence
  • I had fun.....
  • I came out feeling taller, stronger, fitter, that I had worked hard and... I had fun!!
So will I go again? I rather think I will - I have found out they do private lessons for adults which might be much better for me than going in a group session - less place for me to mess about and shy away from getting going. I think I will look into this (cost-permitting).

Prior to this I did a ballet barre at home - a self-taught one with no gaps. I was tired by the time I had done only a bit of centre work. This all highlights that it is now my lack of endurance and cardiovascular fitness that still needs work. Bring on the swimming - I think it will help with the ballet. I did do some ballet in the water as well - it is so good for that and doing jumping and much less stressful to my body than on land.

I will positive, energised and relaxed!

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Achelois said...

Wow, nothing like jumping in at the deep end so to speak! I wonder sometimes if you have ever done a pain management course, as the amount you tried in your first swimming session for so long was a lot! It would have the pain management team tutting.

Its a good job your ballet training stops you hyperextending in the water. How wonderful it would be to have one to one swimming lessons. I do hope they are not prohibitively expensive.

I have real issues maintaining core body temperature, so have difficulty in public swimming baths, my last physio banned me from going as it caused problems on the injury front. I think I may push for some hydro again, although conversly the warmer water caused POTS issues. I have had a think about that and wonder if I just upped the salt before a hydrotherapy session whether that would help.

The thought of just lying weightless in the water is fantastic. Good luck with the swimming, after an unfortunate episode in my teens where I nearly drowned in the deep end, due to a crash in the fast lane! I appear to have forgotten how to swim out of my depth!

I really admire your perserverance to maintain your fitness levels. Despite the constant battle with HMS/EDS.

I just wish I had had access to really good therapists earlier in my life, so that some of the damage to my joints etc which cripples me now may have been avoided.