Sunday, October 2, 2011

Endurance + Fatigue

I timed myself walking in my measurable stretch of park.I think I shaved off about 1 minute off the time of 2 weeks ago, but was in a good mood and feeling competitive, which helped me. I'd say I did it in about 7.45 compared to 8.45 last time. This is a good improvement. Unfortunately my mobile phone timer didn't work, so I had to rely on the times I was listening to pieces of music. I will repeat the test in another few weeks. After my "timed walk" I did a circuit of the park before feeling quite hungry and went to E.D. to buy something to eat and a fresh fruit juice (on the boiling hot day it was) and then walked back to the park to eat spinach and ricotta cheese, an apple and fresh orange and carrot juice. I then felt more than just "a bit tired." My batteries had gone and I knew this was a fatigue rather than "being tired." I struggled back to the bus stop and then home. I had to go straight to bed. It was about 1.30pm. I woke up again at 2pm and then went outside in the garden in the beautiful sunshine with a rug, cushions, water and a book and slept on and off until 5pm. I ate at 6pm and then was back in bed just after having slept most of the afternoon away. I got up after 8am the following day. This is fatigue. My muscles all hurt like hell, particularly my gluteals, but my neck has remained in severe spasm and K and I are seeking advice from HB on this matter. I took Diazepam for the spasms before I went to bed.

I felt much more energetic today and downloaded some really good music for my MP3 player for walking in the park and walked for a good 2 hours. I then experienced an "emergency" hunger and was getting quite angry in the shops just because everyone seemed so slow - but again it is a very hot day. I came home and ate a very good lunch and then had to chill out for a while. My gluteals are still in agony, and painkillers are not helping. I am seeing K tomorrow, so hope she can do something about them. When I go into spasm it is just horrendous and won't release. In addition, my deep core muscle system has "switched off" so I have lost that beautiful connection with my neck and deep abdominals meaning the superficial muscles are overworking yet again. This is a very tiresome state of affairs and something I wish would go away. I am feeling quite grumpy about this and the amount of pain I end up because of it and feeling totally lazy - but at least I can loll about in the garden in the sunshine. 

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