Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Physio Update

K has said that I am now in a new recovery phase following huge change. This is because we have massively increased activity levels - particularly of activities my body has not liked so much until recently. Just straight forward walking and then swimming (front crawl stroke) have been difficult for me because I have such hypermobile hips that my legs want to be in external rotation - hence my love of ballet, so for me controlling a neutral and parallel line requires a lot more control and effort than from a 'normamobile' person. I am doing more and more and new demands are being made on me - for example walking with my head held up, rather than with my eyes looking at the ground as I have done in the past. This is requiring a significant more amount of control and effort hence my latest fatigue, which K says is all explainable.

K released off my gluteals which were very tight. She did a little work to my back, but after doing ballet today, she needs to go back there because I couldn't quite get to where I wanted to go. However, K has to be so careful with me and not to kick other things off, so has usually adopted a less is more approach in her work with me.

K revisited my TMJ which is now opening normally and wide. This must have been another example of masked hypermobility. This all feels much better than it ever has before and has never opened so wide or straight before. More and more things are getting normalised and sorted out, which is really lovely.

K has worked on bladder and 'evacuation' (Bowel) and these have also improved - particularly bladder, and because my bladder isn't waking me up so much at night, I am now sleeping better. Because I am sleeping better, I have improved healing, repair, mood and cognitive function.

I left K a note after my physio session to say that my eyes had improved - so I can wear contact lenses for longer - perhaps better oxygen and tear flow. My skin is clearer and I am finally getting rid of Milia (tiny whitespots) which I have been plagued with for years. I am also craving healthier foods and and am less interested in chocolate and instant carbs in favour of fruit, veg and normal food. This is better as I will become more balanced. I have lost approx 2kg, although I am feeling my stomach muscles are not as toned as they were, so feel larger - but I am not doing all the physio exercises I had to in favour of using the muscles in normal activity and beyond.

At the end of the session, K unearthed the fact my left shoulder is restricted and we will work on this next session. This was also apparent in ballet where my upper T-Spine is restricted, and I am also severely restricted in spinal rotation - so that is something else to work on.

Anyway - it is all coming together and K has done such a fantastic job with me, I am very lucky to have met her and that she has stuck by me all this time!

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