Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Managing More!

I have just got back from a few days in Washington DC where I attended the International Association of Dance Medicine (IADMS) conference. It was my first ever visit to the USA and I really enjoyed it. The sense of space is amazing compared to here in the UK and the people are so friendly. Washington DC has some beautiful buildings and of course the shopping malls are enormous. The food was good and we found a really good diner in George Town.

Last year when I had attended the IADMS conference in Birmingham UK, I felt more jet-lagged and fatigued than I did when visiting another country and experiencing 'real' jet-lag. I managed to attend as much of the conference as I wanted to. I managed to do a group cycling tour and lots of walking each day. I did sleep, though was often waking too early as I was worried about getting up in time to help on our work stand! I went out a lot and had a lot of fun. This little trip gave me a real insight into a significant quality of life.

Since I have returned home, I have coped with the jetlag again and managed two full days of work, including going running and doing two ballet classes. It is just amazing how much more I can do - the fatigues are still going on, but are getting less "huge."

On my last swimming session I managed to swim some strokes without floats!

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