Friday, November 25, 2011

POTS Symptoms/Vascular and Headache + Hypermobile

I don't know how or why I am still on a computer given my existing symptoms. I could be cut in half and in pain on the left-side of my body from the top of my head and down the whole of my left-side of body. I have extremely cold hands, but my legs are warm and normal temperature. I have am "locked" solid and as is if it is squeezed on the left side of my head and neck and into my TMJ and have been seeing "stars" but not of the 'I'm a Celebratory get me out of here' kind. I was fine in the morning, although I had woken up at 4am with a busy head an anxiety about various things and then fell asleep again and struggled to get up for work. I feel very sick and nauseous and so tired of this whole situation - this is with the collar on! I had a late lunch at work as had been in early which might have made things worse. I am quite low in myself and was supposed to be going out for drinks with people after work, but just not up to it at all. Work was a struggle in the afternoon as it feels my brain is separated from my body and very hard for me to think through anything at all.

I have done my physio exercises and now taken more antisickness tablets and diazepam. I did some Bowen at lunch which gave a brief period of relief. My arms are very symptomatic and just so cold, even though it is quite mild.

One other new thing I have been trying this week is use of a SAD lamp - but it is too early to say how this is helping or not.

On the positive side - had 2 much improved days in the week with no fatigue or symptoms, but this is unbelievable. I do with this would all go away.

Finally, my bladder is affected in that there is a delay in me wanting to pass urine even if I need to. I then feel like an electric shock going down my back and then I can release my bladder. It is a really strange sensation. Running water seems to help!

I have been trying new memory foam pillows and they are quite hard, but think they are giving my neck more support - still quite a lot going on.

Hoping to swim and do a bit of a run this weekend and also to actually do something nice and normal like get out for the day to see a friend!

More book writing is also on the agenda!

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