Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just been swimming - good session!

I have just had a really good swimming session. I managed the most I have even managed (so hope that I am not too fatigued tomorrow). I did about 30 minutes of continuous widths alternating with crawl and breast stroke. I still prefer breast stroke because of the natural hypermobility of my hips doing 'frog legs', but this is much harder work for my upper back and shoulders. I find the rotational aspect of crawl more challenging and the parallel kicking - still it was great for my endurance and cardiovascular fitness, which was K's aim of sending me swimming.

After 30 mins, they put the bubbles on as it is a Hydrotherapy pool and so I used this time to do some targetted exercises for my upper back, neck and arms and then some ballet exercises as it is so good doing them in the water. I then went back to width swimming for the final ten minutes of the session. I did a little work lying on my back, but that was more for relaxation.

Anyway, I wanted to post something positive on here!

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