Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Speech Therapy in Physiotherapy for TMJ problem

My latest physio session was interesting. K has been working on my TMJ for sometime and this week noticed that my right upper lip was not moving well whilst observing me talking. As a result she then did some manual work on me before then asking me to count to twenty. First I thought this was rather odd, but then I realised what she was wanting me to do. Basically when I talk, I do not articulate very well with my facial muscles or really use them  much at all, so this has now become a new exercise - Speech Therapy in Physio! Another part of K's multi talented and multifaceted approach with me. I must say I found it all rather embarrassing and was rather self-conscious about it, but now I am even practising it on the bus. As K said, "Diction, Darling." This is all actor stuff!

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