Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lower Back - Range of Movement and Trunk Rotation

Yesterday in physio, K was very successful in giving me hugely improved trunk rotation - I was like an owl by the end of the session. Much of this release seemed to come from the work K did on my pectoral muscles. This has held well and I have just done my exercises and a ballet class all of which involve spinal rotation.

What has not improved, unfortunately is my spinal flexion ROM and I have still lost some ROM in my spine and cannot achieve quite what I would like to be able to - but a) I am hypermobile and used to a particular ROM and b) I am a ballet dancer, so expect a certain ROM as well. In addition, my right leg (usually the most flexible) seems very restricted in 2nd and I couldn't get my normal height in grand battement - but I am fussy!

However, I danced again with the collar on tonight and we had some quite difficult battement fondus and adage to do and I think I was dancing with control and good use of core. This is an achievement in itself. Pirouettes were good, allegro, not great. I seriously need to address my feet in allegro, but my cardiovascular fitness, or lack thereof is now holding up my progress in jumping work. K thinks I should be able to run for 20 minutes and be able to hold a conversation. She hasn't seen me running for the bus which usually leaves me looking like I am going to need resuscitation. I have requested a "running lesson" when I can safely manage 5 minutes continuous running. This could take me some time. I must now factor in at least 2 runs per week.

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