Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cardiovascular work and Endurance - Update

My endurance and cardiovascular fitness are both improving. I managed to jog for 15 minutes with very minimal walking breaks. Not so long ago I was still only managing about 6 minutes, with 1.30 continuous. This is much better. I had some left anterial leg pain, but it is only because I am still not going through my feet enough - also I prefer running on grass to concrete and don't have the best trainers in the world.

I was the only person in the Hydrotherapy Pool this afternoon - I did about 15 mins of continuous widths before I asked the life guard if he could make the water shallower so I could practice with no floats, but at 90cm I was still feeling too unconfident. He was kind and gave me some advice and made me swim with a float with one arm and then the other, holding it like a sandwich. I still felt too freaked out to do all he was suggesting I try and I am still not really breathing much at all - although I am when I swim with the dumb bells. Half way through the session the guards changed and the other one told me how much harder it is to swim with floats compared to without - there is so much more resistance, so I am doing well to manage several widths at a time.

Anyway, it is clear that what with now sleeping right throught the night and having no POTS symptoms anymore and a normally functioning neck, this aspect of my treatment is now giving me improved endurance and hopefully I won't experience fatigue much more - or only very minimally. I had back pain today, but I coped with doing some stretches and the exercise has made it all feel much better. There are no short-cuts in managing hypermobility syndrome, but I am considerably better since my release of last week. I would like to see how long I remain POTS and fatigue-free! Happy Days!

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