Monday, December 19, 2011

Lumbar spine hyperxtension + Pain!

My lower back is really sore and feels "sprained" in my disc prolapse (L4/5) and hinge (area of hyperextension). I have tried Bowen but I have been doing a lot of exercise and so that area and even my abdominals and shoulder girdle feel very sore. My back is better during activity than in lying - so night-time is worse and the last two nights have not been good and I have needed to resort to codeine. In addition my guts are not good so that is probably putting more pressure on that whole area in general. It is days like this that I am going to miss K who would have known exactly what to do very quickly, purely because she knew my body so well. It will hard for me to ever trust anyone again who can so abruptly terminate treatment. I hardly have any energy to explain to someone else how to work on my body. Bowen is usually good, but it is hard self-Bowening this area as there are moves needed at the back of the knee and hamstring and require further contortionism.

I am trying Diclofenac and paracetamol. I have been doing copious gluteal stretches and when in the water and swimming, lots of pelvic tilts and twists. Fortunately there is a physio at work tomorrow, so I might seriously consider  it, or acupuncture/Tui Na on Wednesday. I just don't want my back being in a state over Christmas. Also it feels like it is "about to go" in a more serious capacity in certain postures and is very clicky. I always get more anxious and nervous about my lower back flaring up because it has been so bad in the past. I am doing some Pilates and ballet later, so hope that is cathartic.

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