Saturday, December 10, 2011


After treating me for 3 and 3/4 years, which is magnificent service, K has said that she has now taken me as far as she is able to. In the main a lot of my rehabilitation is now complete thanks to her, so the remaining issues that need a final resolve are the neck and POTS symptoms. I am being seen by the POTS team in early January and then by the Neurologist again in late January. Another physio is now taking over my case and knows me already and what has gone on thus far. We have discussed the need for 8-10 sessions for now to conclude neck and shoulder work as she too agreed that otherwise my rehabiliation is nearly complete. Neither the new physio or K could do the final aspect of the work which is the critical endurance and cardiovascular work. Only I can do that for myself. If I can manage to do that, then C-Spine, POTS and fatigue will all eventually improve. I am very sad that K needs to leave me at this point, but also respect all that she has done and will always remain grateful.

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