Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cardiovascular work and Endurance for Hypermobility Syndrome

I have been swimming and jogging twice this weekend. I managed to get around the park once completely without stopping and then for a further three circuits with tiny amounts of walking only. This is the best I have managed so far. Tomorrow I need to go around 5 times, at least once without stopping at all.

I went swimming this afternoon and did another good many widths before then doing additional upper body work and some ballet in the pool. It was a good and enjoyable session and I have also not worn my cervical collar today at all, and I feel OK. I am beginning to manage a little more forward flexion, and I think this is owing to the eye exercises that K had given me - I didn't realise how subtle that movement was, but it is enough to start the beginnings of real forward flexion, hopefully without disaster.

It has taken me a long while to begin to understand that if my cardiovascular system works better, therefore I have a more efficient heart (pump). all the tissues will become better oxygenated, and then I will start to have more sustained energy and improved endurance. Now that I have accepted this I will work really hard to build on both this and the legacy of K's work.

I am also starting to understand other things I can do for myself if my back hurts - for example gluteal stretches. I am now guilty of not doing enough stretching, so this will be important to retain my usual level of mobility.

I have two goals for the new year 1) to find a jogging buddy and the 2) to have more swimming lessons so I can really swim properly without any floats. My confidence has improved in the water, my muscular control really has and now I just need to be brave enough to know I can swim on my own!

I am not going to have any physiotherapy this week and this feels a little daunting, but OK. I am sure I will manage. I have self-help tools, exercises and stretches, and medication, when needed. I can also use things like my neck collar to help. This last aspect of my rehabilitation is all about gaining self-confidence and independence. I am also my own therapist and can do work on myself, as need be.

I will miss K, but it will also be great to be able to show her that nothing she ever did with me or taught me was wasted and that I have taken it all on board, eventually!

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