Monday, January 23, 2012

Back in Severe Pain

I am not prepared to contest my last posting - indeed I followed my own advice, and by bed-time last night my pain had generally zeroed. By 4am, things were massively different. I had a pain score of 8+ and couldn't sleep. I put on my head-pad and after much twisting and turning took 1/2 codeine tablet - only half as had to to be up for a medical appt. If I could have stayed in bed by the time I was drowsy enough to sleep, I would have done so.

Upon getting up again, had a hot bath, did some gluteal stretches (very tight!) and assessed movement function. It is easy to see why many medical professionals would dismiss someone who can "easily" reach into full forward flexion (although it hurt). Spinal extension also looks "easy" but hurts significantly, and side flexion was agony and this is where the worst of the pain is on actual movement. rotation wasn't too great either. I look very lordotic and have an egg-shaped area of pain in my left illiac fossa, upon deeper palpation. My guts aren't great which won't be helping, but I think the abdominal pain is more referred. Sitting is painful and feels like a drill is going into a specific area in my my lower back. I feel miserable. I can't cope with this anymore. I am exhausted. This flare up has now gone on over ten days. Enough is enough. Just can't function. Just wonder what the point of being is right now. Brain is as good as useless. Really fed up, in case you hadn't realised.

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