Thursday, March 1, 2012

Physio Update 1-3-2012 Lower back/T-Spine

This blog has been rather quiet over the past few weeks reflecting that I have been coasting along, but moreover have had a virus which has been quite nasty. However, I am more fatigued again at the moment (post-viral fatigue) but I would say that I haven't been as fatigued as I used to get overall - so my endurance must be improving - although I haven't been doing as much exercise as I should.

Since my last treatment - the taping of the right ankle did lead to an improved proprioceptive awareness of  the usage of my right leg. I have been less bothered by the soft-tissue irritation, although it is still there at times.

My lower back went into flare up last weekend and although Bowen took some of the edge off the pain, I was also aware of a lack of usage of deep core muscles and the fact my hip flexors were incredibly tight. M was able to confirm this and also just how tight my right-sided Psoas was. M did some work to off-load this and also noticed all my spasms or 'Propriospinal Myoclonus' as they are more technically known. These continued all the while he was doing work when I was lying prone, which is more unusual, as they more usually occur when I lie supine. M also did some work on my thoracic spine and noticed "a lot going on" particularly at T7/8 where it was very painful and causing more spasms and an increase in calf pain. M did lots of manual therapy on my back in general and ended up giving me an exercise I need to do lying prone. I need to have my pelvis tilted into the couch in order to engage my deep core abdominals. I then need to engage gluteals before taking my shoulders of the bed and last of all, my neck. This means that all extension work is taken off my lumbar spine, thus putting that more into flexion and extending my thoracic spine and neck which needs extension so that the thoracic spine starts doing something. This was where K had intended to address in the end. M has asked me to try the exercise, which is a bit of a variation of the 'arrow' in Pilates with cushions under my legs, tummy to see how it goes. I need to do exercises for quality, not quantity.

It was an interesting session and I felt better after it. I am being reviewed again in two weeks.

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