Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not Sleeping Again

I am not sleeping again and it is very miserable. I had seen such an improvement in sleep and not needing the bathroom so much at night that it is very tedious to return to being restless, not sleeping, feeling manic and busy head and a real depression. This has been going on for several weeks and I have had to get myself up this morning even though it is a) Saturday, b) I am feeling jet-lagged and exhausted.

I had physio on Tuesday and M did more work on my T-Spine and gluteals and lumbar spine/sacral. There was minimal spasm and it felt good afterwards and still does.

I did a Pilates matwork class for an hour - first in ages and for once wasn't in agony or too sore or tired afterwards. This must be an indication of how far I have come.

Despite two near faints last Saturday afternoon, I had my BP taken at a doctors appointment yesterday and it was very good 127/72 with heart rate of 66, so very good.

The blog is fairly quiet because there is little of significance to report on here!

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