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Sunday, March 18, 2012

In Decline.....

Although I have held on for so long, some of the things that had improved  - e.g. sleep,  not waking at night to use the bathroom and fatigue are now all re-appearing and I am becoming symptomatic again. A recent virus, stress at work and now depression are all taking their toll. I once thought that I could become so well managed I would be symptom-free, but this just isn't the case. HMS is a connective tissue disorder that is inherited. The same tissues re-manufactor themselves in the wrong way. No matter what exercise I do, rest I take or don't take, the tissues continue to tighten or loosen at will and I symptoms re-appear. I am going to do some Bowen medial moves to rebind the tissue - but otherwise I just wonder about treatment. It is just so ongoing. I haven't had K's treatments for over a quarter, but I am now in decline and symptoms are reversing. This is sad, but inevitable and true. I will always have to work at things, but it sometimes feels such a losing battle. Also I am not sure who/how to trust anymore and never will again.

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Achelois said...

I am sorry you are so low. Please don't lose faith in human nature, I don't know what has passed as I haven't been up to reading blogs for a while or if you have even mentioned the reason for your loss of trust, but there are good times to come its just they are around the corner and you can't see them yet. Take care.