Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Biofeedback Training

Following having an MRI Proctogram, which shows the muscles involves in doing a bowel movement (except that jelly is used so you are not really being MRI'd doing a bowel movement), the results showed no prolapses or rectoceles which can be found in hypermobile patients. It did,however, explain why my bowels are not emptied as well as they could be. The reason is that my Transverse Abdominals TRabs and obliques are not working efficiently and that I need to let the rest of my muscles hang and relax forward. Biofeedback training informs a patients about their Proctogram results and then is effectively bowel re-education and results are individualised. Mine showed which muscles were not working and how I need to not hold my breath and try and wait until I am quite desperate to do a bowel movement before I go so that I hopefully need to go less often and also using the techniques to engage the right muscles "bracing" and using waist line muscles rather than holding my breath will be helpful, also relaxing forwards on the toilet. It will take a bit of time, but it could all make a lot of difference and mean an improvment in my constipation and properly clearing my bowels.

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