Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fatigue and craving chocolate digestive biscuits!

Monday night after the disasterous bladder test was not good. Having gone to bed, totally wiped out, just after 10pm, I woke soon after 1am and then remained awake until just after 7am. I got up at 2pm and then had an early breakfast at 5am, but all day I all fancied, if not craved, chocolate digestive biscuits! I got to sleep so fatigued it was unreal and in fibromyalgic pain, which is just so widespread with needle points - this time in my knees as well as in my shoulders. I took a cocktail of the relevant drugs I need and did the Bowen sacral move on myself as my gluteals were so tight (not relieved by stretching). My sacrum "jumped" to say the least. I had another bath and went to bed. Gradually sleep came and an exhaustion beyond measure. I was so fatigued throughout the day I could hardly get about my flat. I texted my neighbour about obtaining biscuits for me, but she was going to be out until 8pm. She said she had some in her flat that I could eat - it was just too hard for me to physically manage two flights of stairs. I just had to wait - but when the said biscuits arrived I wasn't keen on them after all! I managed to watch a bit of TV before going to bed again at 9pm and remained in my bed until about the same time the next morning.

The next day (Wednesday) I had a bit of a codeine hangover, but did manage to go for a walk and obtain a few items locally. By today (Thursday) I had recovered again.

The fatigue that goes with Hypermobility Syndrome is just evil - but this particular episode I think was fuelled by the hospital fiasco and the stress of having to make an awkward phone call as well as teaching my first classes of ballet. Too many things on one day. I have been going through a very difficult time now for several months and things are really taking their toll.

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