Monday, April 16, 2012

Bladder Investigations - Disaster!

I was due to have some VCMG Bladder investigations (under X-Ray/video) done to measure bladder pressure on voiding - so I had to arrive with a full bladder and pressure was measured in a special toilet. The next part of the process was supposed to involve insertion of catheter in both bladder and rectum whilst fluid was introduced into the bladder and I had to say when I could first detect fluid in my bladder, to when it would feel full to slightly needing to go to really needing to go. Unfortunately I failed at the first hurdle when the doctor failed to insert the catheter. I was writhing in agony and had never known pain like it and promptly burst into tears. The doctor, who (was very nice) and said he did this all the time to children and had even done the procedure on himself was most surprised, but said that this is all information in itself. He noted my history of endometriosis as well as HMS. He said he would report all this back to my consultant urologist Mr H. After this I needed to go to the bathroom and was in excruciating pain on passing urine and was bleeding. I was in terrible pain and crying - I think from shock as much as anything else. The staff were fantastic and so nice to me. They said to take paracetamol straight away and got me drinking lots of fluids. Then took some ibrobufen. I managed to go to the bathroom again and it was marginally less painful. The rest of my body, particularly left abdominal, bladder area, adductor and back had gone into spasm and I was in a lot of pain. I was kept in the department a further hour before managing to leave. I felt exhausted, but then had to teach later in the day.

I am still in pain on emptying my bladder, but my bladder just isn't feeling very full, which is extraordinary given the amount of fluids I have consumed. My appetite has been poor for days and I am in a quite a lot of pain, hence writing this at 2.30am. I have just taken some codeine now so will hope this helps.

It now appears I will most likely require a full examination of bladder and urethra etc under general anaesthetic in a procedure known as a cystoscopy. I am going to contact my consultant's secretary to see if my next appointment could be brought forwards. I definitely don't feel right or myself since having this done and will seek advice as needed in the morning, if need be. The fact I am managing to pass some urine is obviously a good sign, but the pain I experienced was totally out of proportion for this type of test and could indicate some kind of blockage. I am sure it will all get resolved and sorted eventually. Not a great day!

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