Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Physio Update

Yesterday I had physio with M. He had stern words with me about my need to pace myself as I cannot keep going into these catastrophic fatigues which are a little bit fuelled by me and not stopping working or having time off. I know I am my own worst enemy, but also it is hard to stop me when I am really engaged in something - but I have taken on too much (writing) and that amongst other Autonomic Nervous System problems (e.g. needing to pee 9 x in one night) are all taking their toll. M did a lot of work on my T-Spine and C-Spine and TMJ. He said this could explain some of my symptoms and that my recent problems with ringing ears could also be explained in terms of the blood vessels in the area all being squashed. M has given me an exercise to do for my TMJ, in order to loosen my jaw but also some pressure release points to press at the back of my mouth.

It was a good and helpful session. We talked about pain, chronic pain and sensitised sensation and why it is my calves always end up firing pain signals during physio and at other times. M explained that my system becomes overloaded and the neural response ends up in the calves because they have been injured so often in the past.

M is seeing me again in the 3 weeks and suggested I stop doing the Arrow exercise for now as well as it is too much for my thoracic spine at present. M taped my T-Spine in an attempt to give the muscles some rest.

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