Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shoulder subluxes during ballet

On Monday my back was taped up with Rock tape - two pieces down my erector spinae muscles from my shoulders down to about T7/8 and then a horizontal piece of tape across the stop of my shoulder line along traps. This was done with the thought that it will hopefully give the muscles in the area a rest and to give support in general to the area. An outcome is never definitive - but that was the aim of treatment.

I have problems with my arms in classical ballet second and fifth positions  at the  best of times because I am so weak in the lats and upper thoracic and because some of the muscles overwork. I kept on getting corrections about my arm (especially left) and elbow line throughout class.

We were doing an exercise involving taking the arm to fifth with the leg in attitude and then to do a promenade. I have done this numerous times - but when I took the left arm high, my shoulder did something rather extraordinary. In an effort to by-pass the tape and avoid the restrictions it was (necessarily) imposing, I think my shoulder slightly went out of joint (Subluxed) so that I could achieve the movement I needed to make. The result was extremely ugly and an appalling movement pattern to reach the fifth position with the left arm high. My teacher said, "I don't think you'd better do that ever again!" as if it was all my fault and something I had done on purpose. I generally didn't expect that to happen!

I felt quite upset after class and had pain all down my left arm, into the shoulder blade and at around T7/8. I have taken some painkillers and probably should ice. I also have a huge bruise coming up on my left leg, posteriorally,  mid-calf. Sick of the same injury patterns.

Anyway, I think that the tape highlights the fact that even limiting movements mean I will try and screw it literally elsewhere in order to achieve a movement I want to make - even though the result was a subluxation. The left shoulder is clearly very weak and there is no doubt there is little strength or control in the shoulder girdle with some muscles in huge protective spasm. This is all information and highlights where further treatment and strengthening work are required. South of about T7/8 is looking substantially stronger and I had far fewer lower-limb corrections in class. However, was upset about how the teacher had reacted in front of everyone as it made me feel quite freaky. Wish my body didn't do these things at all and not my fault - blame it on my collagens!!!

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